Art Director of Into the Spider-Verse sets up scholarship in Toronto


There is nothing like giving back to a community where you started your career out, and that is just what Patrick O’Keefe is doing. He was the art director behind the highly successful Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated film who originally hails from Toronto, Ontario Canada. In an announcement that’s sure to put a smile on your face, O’Keefe is taking time to help foster the next generation of talent by creating a scholarship for local animation students.

The new scholarship at the Animation Portfolio Workshop aims to create a mentorship opportunity along with funds for the next aspiring artist. The lucky student will receive tuition money totaling $5,000 for the spring course along with supplies from Gwartzman’s Art Supplies. O’Keefe himself will also be providing one on one mentoring sessions via video chats each month to help the student achieve his or her own goals and success. This scholarship is to help those who are trying to get into animation programs at the post-secondary level.

It’s a fantastic opportunity and a great philanthropic effort on his part to help someone become the next big success in animation. 

Into the Spider-Verse art director creates  scholarship with Toronto animation workshop [CBC]


Tarah Bleier
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