Art show pays homage to the Coens and Tarantino


Whenever I read about some rad goings on around New York City, it feels like a massive tease. I still haven’t made my pilgrimage to The Little Lebowski in Greenwich Village, a store specializing in, well, you guessed it. There may or may not be a Time Magazine’s Man of the Year themed mirror in that place and it’s a sin that I don’t know for sure.

Every month or so I think “Hey, I’d go to that… if it wasn’t five hours away.” It hurts a little each time. That’s why I’m hesitant to report on the things that only happen in the Big Apple, but this one is just too good to bite my lip. Surely some of you out there take residence in The City That Never Sleeps and I’d be letting you down if I didn’t tip this event titled: “Quentin vs. Coen: An Art Show Tribute to Tarantino and the Brothers.”

Running one weekend from April 7th to the 9th at Bold Hype Gallery, the mash-up will corral artists from all over to take a crack at what these amazing filmmakers share in common. Presented by Spoke Art, it’ll be a weekend none-too-dissimilar from last year’s “Bad Dads: A Tribute to Wes Anderson.” I don’t know what that is, but it featured over 100 artists.

Free admission to all, so go ahead and have your stinkin’ art show.. and your superior pizza.. and a subway that runs after midnight. I love my city just fine, or at least I will in a few minutes or so.

[via Gothamist and via Slashfilm]