Artemis Fowl takes flight on June 12


Those awaiting the film adaptation of Artemis Fowl won’t have much longer to go. Disney has announced that it will be bringing this once theatrical bound release to Disney+ on June 12, 2020. In a statement given to press, director Kenneth Branagh said:

Artemis Fowl is a true original. In challenging times, a twelve year old criminal mastermind is one heck of a travelling companion. Smart, funny, and cool as mustard, he’ll take you to new worlds, meet unforgettable characters, and mix magic with mayhem. His own family is everything to him, and (although he’d never admit it), he’d be as proud as I am that families around the world will now be able to enjoy his first amazing screen adventures together, on Disney+.

I…don’t really know what to say about this film. As you can see from the header I’ve chosen, it looks kind of ridiculous. Why is Judi Dench wearing that? I suppose I can’t be too harsh on the film, especially since it’ll hit Disney+. I won’t need to waste money to actually see it.

Disney Plus Announces June 12 Premiere Date for Artemis Fowl [IGN]

Peter Glagowski
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