Artwork from stalled Crow reboot, possible crisis averted


Remember when Bradley Cooper was in talks to play Eric Draven in a reboot of The Crow? Did you ever wonder what that might have looked like? Well, for the handful of you that answered yes, here’s some early concept art by Diego Latorre. Sort of like the cover art of an unreleased Stabbing Westward album.

The reboot of The Crow has been kicking around for a few years now, tied up in a rights-battle limbo. Stephen Norrington (Blade) was initially at the helm back in late 2008, eventually leaving the project back in April of this year. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was then attached as the director, but both he and Cooper have since left the stalled project.

The art that’s here isn’t bad per se, but the designs are just not as striking as the goth/new wave look of the Alex Proyas movie. One picture in there looks like Rob Zombie cosplaying as Lobo, another like Pete Yorn cosplaying as Rob Zombie.

In the spirit of good cheer and creation (and because I’ve run out of ideas after a long day) I’ve included a Create Your Own Crow Flixistivity™ at the end of this concept art gallery. Feel free to post your original Crows in the comments.

[Via /Film]

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