Ash not showing up in Evil Dead remake


As anyone with any sense knows Ash from the Evil Dead films is the biggest badass ever in the history of ever. One word: Groovy. Bruce Campbell is a tiny god of awesome and Ash is the way that god speaks to us. Bow before your god!

…sorry. I like Evil Dead a lot. They’re remaking it, you know. And while Bruce Campbell has already been confirmed to cameo he has revealed that he will not be cameoing (totally a word) as Ash. In fact Ash will not be showing up in the movie at all. This reboot will be without Ash, is what I’m saying and what Campbell revealed over his Twitter.

Now there are two ways to take this. One is by breaking down and crying. The other is to realize that it would be nigh impossible for anyone else to take over the role of Ash from Campbell. There’s just no other actor with so much B-grade awesomeness who could handle it. And what if someone else did? Watching them portray Ash would be like praying to a false god. Not Groovy.

[via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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