Ash vs Evil Dead renewed for a second season on Starz


Just a few days away from the series premiere on Halloween, Starz has already renewed Ash vs Evil Dead for a second season. The new season will feature the return of Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, with Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert continuing as executive producers. Showrunner Craig DiGregorio is also back on board for more.

As Deadline reports, the new season will likely be at least 10 episodes long just like the first season. In addition, Sam Raimi could return to direct an episode of Season 2. Raimi directed the show’s pilot episode, and made a promise at Comic-Con that if Ash vs Evil was renewed, he’d direct another episode. (Comic-Con promises are obviously legally binding.)

If you want to catch Ash vs Evil Dead a little early, Starz is having an Evil Dead Trilogy marathon on Friday night (October 30th), culminating with a sneak peak of Ash vs Evil Dead. The evening will feature host segments with Bruce Campbell.

We’ve been getting pretty hyped about Ash vs Evil Dead this week. We’ve been running interviews with the talent involved in the show, including props and makeup designer Roger Murray, Ash’s sidekicks Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, and supporting badasses Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones.

Check back tomorrow for an interview with Sam Raimi and showrunner Craig DiGregorio. And then Friday, we’ll have an interview with Bruce Campbell.

[via Deadline]

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