Ask us Fast Six questions or we’ll lose our goatee


One of the funniest things floating around the Internet (which I totally missed and didn’t acknowledge in the review) is the fact that Dwayne Johnson’s goatee somehow disappears and reappears multiple times throughout Fast & Furious 6. Did anyone catch this? I was too busy looking at his glistening mus- Oh yeah! We’re recording the much hyped, for seriously like a billion weeks, Fast & Furisix edition of Flixist Movie Club this week!

What does that mean? It means we want your questions to be either fast or furious in nature. Something about the movie bother you? Care to get our opinion (and discuss yours) on how hot any of the cast members are? Please leave your question below! But if you have any spoilerific questions, don’t leave them in the comments so the coolness isn’t ruined accidentally! Send them to [email protected], or you can tweet anyone of us @dredose (Dre), @LizRugg (Liz), or @Valdezology (FOR ME!).

If you don’t have a Fast Six question, but still would like to ask something, just make it related somehow. Por ejemplo, what would a Fast & Furious version of Titanic be like?