Atlanta Braves worried about being princesses


You know what I get confused all the time? Baseball and Disney princesses. Did you know they weren’t the same thing? I know, I know: I just found out, too. Don’t be embarrassed. The Atlanta Braves have apparently had the same problem, and with Pixar’s new movie coming out, they’re worried that their fans will think that they, too, hunt bears with bows. The Braves have “formally filed an objection to many of the trademark applications.” They believe they have dibs on the non-pluralized version of their team, as well, since “they have used the singular form before on merchandise and insist it is common for fans, media, et. al. to use the singular form when referring to a single player, whereas the pluralized form refers to the entire team.”

For reference, a quick Google search reveals that the Braves have nothing to worry about. “Brave” yields the new Pixar movie and a bevy of other results, and “Braves” solely gets baseball-related hits. If anything, they’ve screwed themselves over with this complaint. Guess what happens if you search for “Braves” and “Brave” at the same time now? I’m pretty sure Disney has nothing to worry about with this complaint. Changing the title of the movie now would completely ruin all of the marketing they’ve done, so they’ll likely win if this goes to court.

[Via /Film]