Attack of the clone movie


It would seem there is a trend developing to make movies based on “how to” books, but I’m fairly certain these books are of a comedic nature. I wouldn’t know because I don’t read books, because there are words in them. Like, thousands of words… In any case, the most recent book to get this treatment is How to Defeat Your Own Clone by Kyle Kurpinski and Terry D. Johnson. Ed Ricourt, a Marvel alum, will screenwrite the movie.

So yeah, they pretty much already did this in I, Robot, and that movie was hilarious. Watching Will Smith chase down robots that might be evil is my ultimate fantasy. The fantasy escalates if the robots look like me. Also, Michael Keaton in Multiplicity is basically my Friday night fap movie. Nothing hotter than five Michael Keaton’s surrounding me in bed offering me chocolate Teddy Grahams and chocolate covered raisins.

Since I don’t know a damn thing about this movie, here’s a plot summary from

In the year 2013, the first human clone was created and within years clones were in most homes only to be taken advantage of by their human owners and treated as slaves. Following a revolution, civil war erupted between Mankind and their Clone creations who were fighting for their freedom. The Clones won. In this new world where Clones dominate, we follow Ethan on his quest to turn the tide of the war back in our favor against impossible odds. Clones may have the same DNA blueprint as humans, but they are younger, stronger, healthier and more evolved. Is Mankind prepared to outsmart and defeat their own clones?

“Kinda sounds like The Matrix” says my friend, Brenda.

“I guess” says me.

“Would you like the red clone or the blue–“

“That’s enough.”

[Via Variety, Via ComingSoon]