Attack The Block will hit the US on July 29th


Joe Cornish’s Attack The Block has been gathering tremendous buzz since its first screening at SXSW, which it thoroughly deserves. Given how it’s a genre movie, transfused with some sly comedy and made in Britain, comparisons are inevitably being drawn with Shaun of the Dead, even though they’re two very different experiences. Despite its gloriously high-concept – aliens land at a South London housing block and end up in a bloody battle with a local gang – it’s more straight-faced than Shaun, but still a huge amount of fun.

I’m delighted then to report that the movie has been picked up by Screen Gems for a US release on July 29th. Given the low budget and British origins, it will start off as a limited release. If it arrives in your city, you should definitely make a point of seeing it should you be a fan of movies like Aliens or Gremlins. It has a lot of that vibe, as well as Jodie Whittaker as a headstrong female character in the original Ripley mould, and the term ‘Tango Neutralised’. What’s not to love?

[via Box Office Mojo]