Ava Duvernay to direct Black Panther or Captain Marvel?


Selma was one of the best films of last year, a pointed and affecting film about the importance of protest and the systemic and violent systems of racism that the US still runs on to this day. Director Ava Duvernay crafted an excellent historical biopic, full of potent commentary on modern day culture and film. As just one example, the protest scenes are the only ones shot with shakycam, and look like scenes taken straight out of The Hunger Games, popular franchise where White Teens rebel against their own government. Through the direction alone, Duvernay makes that cultural criticism explicit, White Entertainment is Black Experience.

So naturally, famed home of unique voices and assured cultural criticism, Marvel Studios, is looking to hire Duvernay for either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. On the one hand, it’s good that Marvel isn’t just going to let these films be made by white dudes, but on the other, I have absolutely zero trust in them to let a director make a film with anything to say. They fired Egar Wright, and his script was just a bit too violent! If this does go ahead, I look forward to reporting in nine months that Duvernay and Marvel have split due to “Creative Differences” and Doug Liman is taking over as director.

[via Collider]