Avatar 2 concept art shows off some horrible Mercedes-Benz monstrosity


We’re still a year away from the anticipated much talked about Avatar 2, but that doesn’t mean director James Cameron can’t start hyping up his sequel. At this year’s CES convention, Cameron was ready with some concept art for the picture that reveals some new locales and creatures. More curious, though, was a new car from Mercedes-Benz that was inspired by Cameron’s world. Just what the hell is this thing?

Called the Vision AVTR (get it? Like Avatar), the vehicle is supposed to represent the bond between man, machine, and nature much like the film’s Na’vi creatures have with those flying animals. The car has a central panel that reacts to the driver’s pulse, a massive screen lets you travel virtual lands, and the interior is inspired by the landscape of Pandora. Talk about excessive.

At least the actual film shots look restrained. Avatar was an expensive film, sure, but it didn’t attempt to create ridiculous designs to sell automobiles. It just went overboard to push 3D technology that then later fell out of favor. Ah, the 2010s were a good time for gimmicky tech.

More surprising to me is that anyone actually cares about Avatar. I know it was once the most successful film in the world, but does anyone actually remember the movie? It made a big splash and has since faded into obscurity (kind of like the technology that powered it). Is Disney gearing up to release a massive flop next year? Who’s to say, but at least we’ll have our stupid-looking Mercedes.

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