Avatar 2 delayed another two years, Originality rejoices


James Cameron’s much anticipated Avatar 2 was slated to arrive in 2014. Now that vague date is but a memory, and taking its place another vague release date of 2016. The source comes directly from Jon Landau, producer of the first Avatar film, who gave this deceivingly small announcement at a screening for Titanic 3D. The producer was quoted saying, “We are excitedly working on it as we speak and it will be four or so years before it will be out.” He also assured us that this next film will be even better than the first. Said Landau, “We are excited and we have a lot of the same team working with us, some great design and ideas and some great themes hopefully.”

Hopefully Mr. Landau is right and this next film turns out to be a better film, overall. The glaring problem with the last film was its story and the gross unoriginality stemming from it. We’ve all seen the Avatar/Pocahontas script floating around, but I think the pacing and length are just as much to blame here as anything else. What’s funny is that the movie starts out promising. You want to believe in this loveable disabled jerk… but then they just throw all the character development away for some paint-by-numbers hero’s journey. It’s a product of mass consumption… I don’t really have much faith that the next movie will be any different.

Prove me wrong, James Cameron. You’ve been called out.

[Via DarkHorizons, DYVoff]