Avatar 2 likely to miss its 2014 release date


With Avatar having been the most successful movie of all time, raking in almost $3bn at the box-office and thereby giving Pandora a greater GNP than over 155 countries, everyone is understandable keen to know what’s going on with the sequel. According to producer Jon Landau, speaking at the launch (relaunch? Sinking?) of Titanic 3D, the good news is that pre-production is underway, with ‘underwater motion capture’ already being worked on by effects team WETA. The bad news is that the movie is looking unlikely to hit its original 2014 release date.

Whenever it turns up, Avatar 2 is reportedly set beneath Pandora’s oceans, appropriately enough since that’s where director James Cameron has been larking about recently (at the bottom of this planet’s oceans, not Pandora’s). Landau says that while the entire movie won’t be set underwater, the location will have an importance comparable to the Floating Mountains from the original.

So there you go. In other words, don’t expect Battle Angel Alita anytime soon.

[via EMPIRE]