AVATAR 2 to focus on oceans, save space whales


James Cameron recently spoke with ABC’s Nightline about the upcoming sequels to his blockbuster movie. Apparently, they’re “just a continuation of the same thing,” but this time, it “focuses it a little more on ocean issues, because we have a planet that’s a blue planet.” Well, that eloquent assertion certainly has me pumped! Cameron somehow plans on putting environmental message in the sequels, which is very surprising. How could movies about native creatures on other planets have an environmental message?

Cameron also mentions that there will be other planets, but both sequels will involve the Na’vi. This might mean that the two species learn to get along and explore more of space together. I think it’s more likely that the Na’vi are kidnapped, shoved into tight quarters on a space ship, and brought to different planets to use their superior strength to help the humans colonize it. That is pure conjecture and not based on any historical event.

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