Avatar and all of the Avengers films to get re-releases in China to spur theater reopenings


With theaters finally reopening in China after being closed for months, China Film Group is looking to make bank with the renewed interest in going to the cinema. Much like how WB is re-releasing Harry Potter, the firm is putting 2009’s Avatar and all four of the Avengers films back in Chinese theaters to help get people back in seats.

In a strange move, this is being done independent of Disney. Sources close to the house of mouse told Variety that it isn’t involved with these new re-releases. It will likely still make money off of them, but the decision didn’t come down to Mickey being sad that he wasn’t making another billion dollars during this pandemic.

As well as the aforementioned tentpole releases, it looks like Pixar’s Coco may also be a re-release in the country., website of the state-owned China Movie Channel, listed the film as returning to theaters soon. It will likely be playing until May or June, though nothing has been confirmed.

Avengers,’ ‘Avatar‘ Tipped to Join China’s Coronavirus Recovery Re-Release Lineup [Variety]

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