AVATAR Land coming to Disney Parks


Disney announced today that they are forming a partnership with Fox Filmed Entertainment and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to bring AVATAR to Disney Parks. This isn’t going to just be one ride or attraction, mind you: this is going to be a full-on themed area built around AVATAR. The first land will be built in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida, with construction set to begin in 2013. Disney’s reasoning for this is that Animal Kingdom is about being one with nature, but it seems a bit like they’re trying to segregate those alien cat people and keep them with “their own kind.” Oh, Disney.

It is a little funny that a movie that catered to people obsessed with escapism is teaming up with a park that is all about escapism, but I think they could work pretty well together. I wonder how the Na’vi will make their appearances. Will they use stilt-walkers or just very tall people? Maybe they’ll go for puppets? Will one of them ride a giraffe? Oh, I hope they’ll ride giraffes.

[Via Disney Parks Blog; thanks, Kristina!]