Avatar sequels get pushed back a year for script work


Avatar exploded on the scene and was a wild success and had people dressing up like giant blue aliens and then… nothing. Well, not actually nothing. We heard we’d be getting three sequels to the film, but James Cameron likes to take his damn time and he’ll be doing it again as the director has revealed that all three films — originally slated to release in 2016, 2017 and 2018 — will now be pushed back a year. The first film, he says, will arrive in late 2017.

In New Zealand, where the director will shoot all three films, he revealed that they’re still working on the scripts for the films. They’re writing all three at once, and should be done by the end of this month, but that leaves little time to shoot what is sure to be one of the technically advanced trilogies ever made. Thus, Cameron admits his initial hope of a 2016 release was a bit too ambitious.

It has to be slightly worrying for Fox as they see what was once the beginning of a rabid fan base (remember people painting their bodies blue) dwindle as time goes one and people realize that the first film looked awesome, but was narrative vomit. 

[via Yahoo]

Matthew Razak
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