Avengers 2 is coming, to the resounding cry of “No s**t!”


In between maniacal bouts of insane joy laughter, snorting crushed diamonds off of expensive strippers, and rubbing each other down with thousand dollar bills, Disney and Marvel are congratulating themselves on a job well done with The Avengers, which, if you remember, made all of the money in the world last weekend. Obviously, the film represents the resounding success of the Marvel Studios plan, and they’d be stupid if they didn’t try to ride the train all the way to Cashtown, where you only eat the finest of foods, all of which are served out of celebrity sex organs across time and space. 

Disney CEO Bob Iger, picking Venusian diamonds from his teeth, said pretty much what we’re all expecting: Avengers 2. “From The Avengers we get a chance to make Thor 2 and Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3 and hopefully another Avengers movie.” That’s not specifically an announcement, but, c’mon, seriously? Avengers 2 is happening. Whether it’s in 2014 or 2015, whether Joss Whedon is involved or not, whether Iron Man is going to throw down with [SPOILER FOR MID CREDITS SCENE] or Batroc the Leaper, it’s gonna happen.

[Via Collider]