Avengers: Endgame is now the second highest grossing film ever with over $2 billion


Well, that didn’t take too long. By this time next week Avengers: Endgame could easily be the top grossing film of all time globally as it only has Avatar to beat out, which sits at $2.78 billion. As it stands now Endgame has $2.18 billion, but that’s in only two weeks. Avatar‘s is for the film’s entire damn run. Even considering inflation over the past ten years Endgame should destroy the record by the time it leaves theaters. The global appeal of the MCU is on a level no one has ever seen before and I’d definitely expect some aggressive marketing towards non-domestic markets in MCU’s future.  

Domestically, it’s second weekend box office was nearly close enough to breaking the record held by The Force Awakens for a second weekend box. $145.8 million is a box office most film would kill for on their opening weekend and Endgame did it in weekend two. It’s hard to imagine the movie slowing down, and its $619 million domestically sets it up at 9th place in the record books and it could reach $900 million, putting it damn close to claiming the number one spot for TFA. The key will be the amount of people who go and watch it a second time, which from anecdotal evidence is going to be a lot of people. 

Other studios tried to release some counter programming this week to pull in the small amount of people who weren’t going to see Endgame, but mostly they under performed. The only movie to find some success was The Intruder, which pulled in $11 million instead of the predicted $9 million. That’s actually a pretty impressive box office for a b-grade thriller that’s going up against the biggest movie franchise in cinematic history. However, the two other new films that hit did not do as well. Long Shot attempted to pull in the rom-com crowd who might not be interested in superheroes, but despite good reviews, it only grabbed $10 million. That’s pretty low for its headliners.

Uglydolls is a terrible movie and I’m happy it flopped.

1. Avengers: Endgame – $145,804,000
2. The Intruder – $11,000,000
3. Long Shot – $10,025,000
4. Uglydolls – $8,510,000
5. Captain Marvel – $8,051,000
6. Breakthrough – $3,948,000
7. The Curse of La Llorna – $3,500,000
8. Shazam – $2,450,000
9. Little – $1,474,000
10. Dumbo – $1,433,000

Matthew Razak
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