Avengers: Endgame marketing will be secretive, may only show first 15 minutes of movie


With Avengers: Infinity War being such a massive event, it made sense that so many details about it were under lock and key. Somehow, its sequel Avengers: Endgame, which received a pretty unrevealing trailer of its own, may find itself topping Infinity War in misleading and bamboozling moviegoers. According to Marvel Studios President and bald man who looks super weird without his usual baseball caps, an inquiry about trailers only showing around “the first 15 minutes” of the film is “somewhat accurate.”

MTV News grilled Feige on the red carpet of last night’s Golden Globes, which brought Black Panther its first Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture — Drama. Interpret Feige’s answers for yourself:

Disney knows how to be coy with this sort of stuff—just look back at previous bamboozles such as the Iron Man 3 marketing with Ben Kingsley as “the Mandarin,” or even the first Infinity War trailer which had an epic running shot (containing the Hulk) that ultimately was not in the final film. Don’t expect anything you hear or see about Endgame, even if it’s from Marvel Studios and Disney themselves.

Otherwise, Feige wasn’t hesitant at all to confirm that Endgame was long-planned to be the title for the fourth Avengers film, stating that the title is the reason Doctor Strange utters the word in Infinity War, and despite the Russo brothers saying that the title was not in any dialogue (another bamboozle!). Feige’s answer to the question of which Fox characters is he excited to work with is all of the above, and he is complimentary towards Aquaman and James Gunn’s future work with DC.

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26. Hopefully by then the impact from Infinity War won’t totally be undone.