Avengers gets stupid title in UK, awful poster everywhere


The Avengers is set to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, the culmination of a four year, multi-movie build-up strategy by Marvel. Considering the time and effort that has gone into this thing, you would think the studio’s marketing department would be taking care to give it an exciting, polished publicity campaign ahead of its US release in May. No such luck.

Someone presumably remembered the existence of a ’60s UK television programme (and godawful 1998 movie adaptation) also called The Avengers, despite the series having sadly been forgotten by most of my generation, because Marvel have decided to change the title of their movie to avoid anyone over sixty confusing Black Widow for Emma Peel or something. So the UK is no longer getting The Avengers, but the entirely effortless Marvel Avengers Assemble. Ensuring the rest of the world doesn’t lack its fair share of Avengers-related disappointment, a new poster was also released today, resplendent in its horribly Photoshopped majesty. See it – emblazoned with the new British title – after the jump.

[via EMPIRE]