Back to the Future Part II inspires Hoverboard short film


Back to the Future Part II, directed by Robert Zemeckis, still captures the minds of people today. That or people really just want the Mattel Hoverboard from the film to be real by 2015. I’m looking at you Mattel! You have 2 years to make an actual hovering Hoverboard, get on it!

Director Sydney Freeland has made a short film called Hoverboard. The short film is based around capturing the imagination of a small child and her favorite movie, Back to the Future Part II. Hoverboard is a part of the 2013 PBS Online Film Festival, which started on March 4th and runs through March 22nd. It’s a cute little film that reminds us that having a Hoverboard would be such an awesome thing.

If you like the film, head here to vote in their competition. While there, check out all the other films as well.

[via Slashfilm]