Back to the Future Pepsi to be released


Back to the Future II‘s future didn’t quite happen. We still don’t have ubiquitous working hoverboards and my drams of being eaten by a giant holographic shark are years away. However, we did get to see some of the stuff from the movie like the self tying shoes from Nike and now we will have future Pepsi.

Actually, it’s present Pepsi since the Back to the Future II future is right now. God, time travel can get confusing. The point is what was the future then is now now and that means Pepsi is releasing a limited edition Pepsi Perfect that looks like the Pepsi Michael J. Fox gets in Back to the Future II for $50. Inflation hasn’t been that great, though, so you can pick up the 16.9 oz. bottle will retail for $20.15. 

It’ll be a limited run of 6,500 bottles, available online while supplies last, and will come in a fancy case of some sort. If you choose to drink your rare Pepsi Perfect it’ll be somewhat of a waste. The Pepsi inside is just Pepsi made with real sugar and can be picked up at any grocery store in America. This is one you’re gonna want to put on the shelf so that in the future (that future that isn’t now) your kids will find it in the attic and wonder why you saved a bottle of Pepsi for 60 years. 

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Back To The Future pepsi

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