Back to the Future remake imminent?


I must be lucky to be able to post news about two of my favorite movies two days in a row. Yesterday it was the Child’s Play remake and possible sequel, now it’s a… remake of Back to the f*cking Future?!?!  I’m sorry, but whenever I hear the words “Back to the Future” and “remake” following it, something inside me just snaps. It’s just one of those movies that you can’t really remake without losing all the flavor of that universe. Not that I’m the most objective person to talk about this, being that Back to the Future is my favorite movie trilogy of all time (the 2nd being my absolute favorite), but still, I make a valid point, don’t I? It’s not even about making a time travel movie. It’s about the chemistry between the characters, mainly Marty and Doc, and that’s something I scantly believe can be recreated.

That being said, when I checked my email today to see an adventitious tip about a possible Back to the Future remake on the way, I nearly flipped a table. Not only that, but the remake would be in the hands of the people who directed American Reunion and are responsible for the Harold & Kumar films, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. Yeah, apparently since they signed a 2-year deal with Universal (which owns both the American Whatever franchise as well as the Back to the Future films), that gave them free reign over Universal’s back catalog of movies to either remake or make sequels to. When asked by Moviehole if there was one franchise they’d like to resurrect, the duo said to an ominous drum score, “Back to the Future. That’s our favorite trilogy.”

Yeah, no sh*t. That doesn’t mean you’re worthy of remaking one of the best film trilogies of all time. I mean, I enjoy the Harold & Kumar movies immensely on an immature-13-year-old level, but I’d prefer it if cock-meat sandwiches were absent from the Back to the Future universe. Hit the jump to see more of the interview as well as me ranting.

[Via Fandango, Moviehole]

Despite their insolent desire to resurrect the Back to the Future franchise, they did seem reasonable about their intentions.

“I wouldn’t want to do it now because people would be like, ‘Oh, there’s no way it will be as good as the original.’ But 30 years from now when Spielberg’s, like, 90 and those guys are kind of on their way out, and those movies just look really old because we’re watching movies that are old, literally in two dimensions or something, it would be great to have all these classic that you’re able to remake. I personally would prefer  a sequel unless it’s something that is so old that the general movie going public hasn’t really seen the movie, and then  you could consider it a reboot.”

Somehow I doubt their 2-year ink deal with Universal will extend to 30 years, but hey, I guess they’re being optimistic about it. That being said, if Universal wanted to, they could remake the damn thing next year. Hell, why not wait until the 30 year anniversary of the first movie in 2015 (the year every fan of the series is counting down to)? You know they’re planning something special for that anyway, and if these guys are really that adamant about remaking this thing or a sequel or whatever, they’ve got two years to crank it out before their deal expires… but what are the odds Universal won’t sign another deal with them if they do?

Basically, ‘Don’t start nuttin’! Won’t BE nuttin’!’ I’m not really sure what that was supposed to express, but I guess my final words are: I hope it won’t be as bad as Back to the Future: The Game.