Bad Boys 3 really, totally, absolutely in the works and happening this time


Oh, Bad Boys 3. You’ve come so far. From a project that seemed like something only Martin Lawerence was discussing so that people would consider him relevant to an actual full blown movie being made right now at Sony. What a time it is to be you.

A new draft script (different from all the other draft scripts that were a sure things) has met with approval, and Variety is reporting that Sony wants to go into production on the film as early as 2019. Chris Bremner wrote this most recent treatment, and the studio thinks he nailed whatever magic they believe Bad Boys should have when it returns to screens after 15 years. 

Sony won’t confirm anything, but oddly, Will Smith has signed on already while Martin Lawerence, the man who has been hyping this film for years, has not yet. I’m not sure why Lawerence wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to be in a blockbuster film, but evidently, he’s still thinking on it or something. While the previously assigned directors are still onboard for this new take it’s not clear if the movie is still called Bad Boys for Life.

What’s also not clear is if this is actually going to happen either. We’ve been here before so many times I’d put money on it not happening… ever. Sony seems to think they have a franchise here, with talk of a TV show too, but I don’t think they do. I think they’ve got something that’s old and sad now and they need to move on. 

‘Bad Boys 3’ Coming Together as the Revival Plot Thickens at Sony (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]


Matthew Razak
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