Bad Boys for Life is a January hit with another number one weekend


Looks like relaunching Bad Boys with a shoulder shrug and a January drop date is working out just fine for Sony. I mean, it helps that Bad Boys for Life doesn’t suck and the word of mouth around it has been strong too but the film has now pulled in $120 million thanks to a second weekend cume of $34 million. That makes is a bonafide hit, especially for this month of box office misery. 

Another film still going strong is 1917, which is proving to be both an awards and Oscar favorite. It dipped only 28 percent form last weekend and with the Oscars coming soon should continue to play well. Of course, it helps that not much else wide opened this weekend. Guy Richie’s The Gentleman was the biggest new release and it was pretty limited, but still successfully pulled in $11 million. STX plans to push it out even further next weekend after the positive response, though.

1. Bad Boys for Life – $34,000,000
2. 1917 – $15,800,000
3. Dolittle – $12,500,000
4. The Gentleman – $11,030,000
5. Jumanji: The Next Level – $7,900,000
6. The Turning – $7,300,000
7. Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker – $5,173,000
8. Little Women – $4,700,000
9. Just Mercy – $4,055,000
10. Knives Out – $3,650,000

Matthew Razak
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