Bad Boys For Life’s second trailer shows more of the same

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

Bad Boys For Life has been in production for quite a while. They’ve gone through multiple scripts and directors before finally reaching the point where the film has wrapped and is actually coming out. What did all that time and effort go into? It looks like a lot of the same things that were covered in the first two movies.

There are shots replicated from the first movie and the storyline of Martin Lawrence’s Marcus wanting to retire is recycled straight from the second movie. The new addition of Will Smith’s Mike being hunted is something new that looks like it’ll lead to some over the top action sequences, which have become the go-to since the second movie. The other new addition comes in the form of AMMO, a younger squad of officers with attitude who are clearly there for the age difference jokes, that Mike is now working with. 

The film seems to be missing that distinct feel that Michael Bay brought to it and, regardless of your opinion of the man, he is rather talented at putting together action sequences. The new directors of the series have some big shoes to fill there. The thing that still seems to work is the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They play off each other just as well as before and will ultimately be what holds the movie together. Is any of this important is a movie series that has gotten more ridiculous as it goes on? We’ll see. If the action and humor come together like the previous movies then audiences will get exactly what they are looking for here.

Bad Boys For Life will reach theaters January 17, 2020