Bad Boys may get a spin-off TV series


Deadline is reporting on rumors that a Bad Boys spin-off is being pitched around networks at the moment by Jerry Bruckheimer and Doug Belgrad, and is receiving strong interest from multiple sources. The show would focus on Gabriel Union’s character from Bad Boys 2. In case you’ve forgotten everything from that movie except the time when Martin Lawrence and Will Smith destroyed an entire town by driving a Hummer through it, she played Lawrence’s character’s sister, an undercover DEA agent. 

God only knows why anyone thinks people are interested in a more than ten-year-old side character from a movie series that’s failed to get off the ground on its own, but that’s where we are in a world filled with spin-offs and old sequels. Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier of The Blacklist are on board to write so that’s a slightly good sign, but this just seems like nothing but a desperate grab to capitalize on a franchise name. What will it even be called? Bad Boys: But Without Any of the Bad Boys

‘Bad Boys’ Spinoff TV Series Starring Gabrielle Union In the Works (Deadline)

Matthew Razak
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