Bad Moms Christmas red band trailer has hos ‘n’ balls


Bad Moms Christmas made my must-see list for the Flixist annual fall movie preview (see the rest of our picks here) and several days later it conveniently dropped a red band trailer. Sorry internet, but there are no Mila Kunis nude scenes in this one. Nope, not even Kristen Bell. No, not even the other one. But hey! There is a hard body dude totally spreading his cheeks so he can get his balls waxed! You’re welcome!

A Bad Moms Christmas | Official Trailer | Own it Now on Digital HD, Blu-ray™ & DVD

As with Daddy’s Home 2, the Bad Moms sequel seems to declare that sequels about bad parents must naturally pull in their own parents to further the plot. They couldn’t possibly just be about the same characters doing more of the same that we loved in the original, oh no. In this instance, it looks like their using the plot device to good effect and the red band trailer allows them to prove it.

I for one, look forward to a funny Christmas movie, how about you? Will this be last year’s Office Christmas Party, or 2015’s The Night Before or will this be another Fred Clause? Please god, no!