Bad Teacher gag reel


Okay, so Green Lantern turned out to be pretty mediocre — shocking, I know — but Mr. Popper’s Penguins ended up being decent. However, for those of you who don’t want a family movie or yet another super hero story, Bad Teacher is the adult comedy film coming out next weekend that you should consider.

Judging by the TrailerAddict gag reel above, it will be a nice break from everything else that’s out, but the abundance of “Haha, teachers swearing in school is funny!” makes me think it’ll be mostly forgettable unless the cast elevates it. We’ll have our review for it up next Friday morning at the latest, so be sure to see if it’s worth full price or is just a good matinee option.

P.S. Don’t search for pictures of Bad Teacher in Google with the large resolution filter on. Unless you want to stumble upon really disturbing porn pics. In that case, just search for the infamous Cameron Diaz porn tape.