Bangkok Knockout is ready to punch your face in with awesome


Did you see Ong Bak? It had some pretty cool fight scenes, all done without CGI. But the magic didn’t just come from newcomer Tony Jaa. The man behind the action was choreographer Panna Rittikrai, who knew exactly when to have Tony knee a guy in the chest.

And now, he’s directing Bangkok Knockout, which is…well, check out that trailer above. Look at what’s going on in there, it’s just crazy! A guy jumps off another guy’s back to take out three guys on motorcycles! I’m not sure if my heart can handle all the potential awesome in this film.

SlashFilm reports that the film has been picked up, though it’s a little unclear whether Magnolia or Magnet is taking this one under its wing. Whoever has it, I hope they get this film some attention, because that’s some impressive choreography right there.

[via SlashFilm]