Bardem still atached to Dark Tower, other tidbits


I am currently almost done with a blitzkrieg reading of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, which I started reading because we all thought there would be some movies coming along. Ka had a different ideas though.  Sadly, the films have been put on the backburner, but Ron Howards says he still wants to make them and evidently Javier Bardem is still planning on starring in them.

Talking with Page Six, producer Brian Grazer, said that Bardem is still in line to play Roland Deschain, the film’s cowboy/knight protagnoist. He then went on to claim that at the moment the producers are looking to get outside funding for the massive project and then distribute through a major studio. Even more interesting is that Grazer hints at the possibility of the television aspect of the project skipping standard stations and coming out digitally over something like Netflix. That would be a major boon for any streaming service and certainly save some cash for the filmmakers.

Having now read the majority of the series (just started the seventh book) I’m not actually sure how well this whole thing will translate onto the big and small screen. However, it’s such an ambitious and out there project that I want it to happen even if it doesn’t work just to see how it all comes about.

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