Barry Sonnenfeld is making a Metal Men movie


Director Barry Sonnenfeld is going to bring DC Comics’s Metal Men to the big screen, which is an oddball, obscure pick for a film adaptation. The Metal Men are six cyborgs created by Dr. Will Magnus, each one built from a distinct element. There’s Gold, the stretchy leader; Iron, the toughie; Lead, the loyal lunk; Mercury, the hot-head; Tin, the timid; and Platinum, who is in love with Dr. Magnus. Each has abilities related to their metal.

I’ve mostly enjoyed the Metal Men comics I’ve read. There are two reprint omnibuses of old Robert Kanigher stories, and the somewhat recent Duncan Rouleau series was okay, albeit cluttered. It’s surprising that Sonnenfeld would pick mid-carders like the Metal Men to turn into a movie. For oddball picks out of DC’s silver age, Metamorpho would maybe make more sense, or the Challengers of the Unknown, or the retro-futuristic Adam Strange.

This might work, but only if they get as zany and surreal with the movie as those Kanigher Metal Men stories from the 1960s.

[Via Vulture]

Hubert Vigilla
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