Batman 3 has some sort of razzy ghoul.


Remember that strapping young chap who played twins in The Social Network? The one who was up for the part of Superman? Well he’s not in Batman either, but his body double is!

Josh Pence was a Winklevaii before they erased his face from every frame of film by hand and drew pictures of Armie Hammer there instead. The young actor has landed the role of “young Ra’s Al Ghul.” Not particularly surprising that the most in-demand, neck-down actor would play a villain who refuses to wear a shirt ninety percent of the time.

Whether a young Liam Neeson will be making a face-only appearance is Unknown (get it?) but considering what was done with Professor Xavier and Magneto in the later X-Men films, I wouldn’t be surprised.

More importantly this could mean two things that would make the upcoming film more interesting or still awkward if that was your take on Batman Begins

First: The Lazarus Pit. I’ve only seen it in the animated series but I’m pretty sure old people bathe in green water and then come out college age. That absurd but skillfully written concept is the reason why Ra’s al Ghul and not Robin was the first thing that came to mind when baby faced Gordon-Levitt was cast. Actually LOST Season 6 was the first thing that came to mind, but anyway…

Second: It was confirmed long ago that Best Actress Oscar winner Marion Cotillard would look hot in a half unbuttoned shirt and a safari tan. That’s not the same thing as being cast as al Ghul’s daughter Talia, a love interest of The Batman, but we no longer have a back room big enough at Flixist to store all the evidence to that effect. I’m guessing that news break pops within the next 48 hours.