Batman’s Bane pictured choosing between Fatalities


I do not have a Twitter. Glenn Morris on there is an imposter. I’ve also never played or payed the slightest attention to viral marketing. I am totally unprepared to write this news story. Which is fine really, because the story itself is just a picture (see above).

Word on the is there’s some kind of “Alternate Reality Game” happening. Isn’t that all games nowadays? In the midst of this is a sound clip featuring stomping and chanting. Then there’s a hidden hashtag that unlocks pixels… all of this brought to my attention from some friendly dude named Costanza to our tips line.

Skip it, the payoff already leaked thanks to the masters of the webnet. It looks potentially Bane-esque while aesthetically League of Shadowsy. I think you’ve just caught your first glimpse of the man that will break The Batman. Enjoy the picture and then get back to playing Mortal Kombat.