‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Trailer Released, Rated-R


The trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke has been released and set the stage for a true-to-graphic-novel adaptation.

This is the first time a DC Comics movie will be R-rated a fact which is actually not attributable to 2016’s successful R-rated Marvel comic book adaptation of the Ryan Reynold’s driven Deadpool as the rating for The Killing Joke was announced in October, last year.

The brooding trailer confirms that the animated feature will stay true to the original material in its handling of the dark story that concludes with the crippling of Batgirl.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprise their roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively (comfortable roles, as both have been portraying their characters since 1992 saw Batman: The Animated Series premiere).

Batman: The Killing Joke centers around the Joker’s capture and torture of Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, and her father, Police Commissioner, James Gordon, and the Joker’s efforts to prove that anyone, even an upstanding citizen, can be driven insane due to “one bad day.”

The animated feature is set for release straight to Blu-Ray and DVD in July.