Batman v Superman trailer may be attached to Jupiter Ascending


Look, we all know something is seriously wrong with Jupiter Ascending. The film was pushed back from a blockbuster holiday release to a dead zone release of February 6. Am I still excited for the film? Yes, it’s an original idea and the Wachowski siblings are great at flashy lights and action (Speed Racer fan for life). Still, it seems unlikely that folks will be rushing out to see the film. That is until now. Latino Review is saying that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will premiere its trailer before the film.

That should get some butts in seats. It isn’t clear if we’ll be seeing a new trailer or the one that debuted at Comic Con that only a handful of folks got to see. Either way the movie has been so secretive that any peak is sure to give us something tasty to drool over. 

Matthew Razak
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