Batman vs. Superman is already casting for…Nightwing?


I remember sitting through Man of Steel and thinking, “This is close, so another movie could probably iron out these problems and give me a good Superman.” Not once did I think, “You know what’d be great in this Superman movie? Batman and all of his buddies!” But it seems that’s what we’re getting with Batman vs. Superman (still not the official title). In fact, in looks like we might be getting a mini-Justice League movie. 

According to the good folks at The Wrap, Adam Driver (Girls) and a few unnamed actors have been testing for Nightwing (Batman’s former sidekick turned hero then Batman). Also of note is Warner Bros is testing for a strong female lead (with names like Gal Gadot, Olga Kuryenko, and Elodie Young in the mix) as Batman’s love interest for some reason. But if that’s the case, then expect a scene where Batman and Superman make out with their girlfriends in the same desolate area. Also, Wonder Woman and Flash are even rumored to make an appearance!

Although the actual Justice League film won’t release until 2017, it looks like we’re getting a tease of it come 2015. I know I should be super happy about this, but I kind of wanted another Superman movie instead of more Batman. Warner Bros, you know everything would be cool if you just gave Wonder Woman a movie, right? 

[via The Wrap]