Batwoman teaser is all about dat cape


Normally I’d open up with some quip about the most recent happenings in the CW’s Arrowverse (do we have to rename it now), but I am so far behind on all the shows that I barely know what’s going on. I mean, I know that Batwoman is joining it, and in fact already cameoed in the big crossover they do each season, but I couldn’t give you any more details than that.

You know what else isn’t giving you any details? This teaser for the show! Zing! It’s pretty much just Ruby Rose standing in her costume with a great big cape of awesome billowing behind her. While I’d like more to chew on I don’t know if I need more to actually get excited for it. It’s just a cool character and visually they’ve done a great job, though I hear her role in the “Elseworlds” crossover didn’t really give us all that much to chew on.

CW better hope the show can stand on its own since Arrow is ending and Flash is getting a bit long in the tooth. Then again, this is the channel that successfully kept Supernatural running for nearly two decades so they could keep the rest of the not-Arrowverse-anymore running for years and years to come.

Matthew Razak
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