BBC Radio 4 enters the Chaplin archive


In what can only be described as “freaking awesome”, Matthew Sweet traveled to Charlie Chaplin’s house in Vevey, Switzerland to meet with Michael Chaplin, Charlie’s son. Together, they explored Chaplin’s home, and revealed new documents that shine a new light on the great exiled director.

For those not in the know, during the 50s, McCarthyism was a thing that drove many great writers and actors out of Hollywood because they were accused of being in cahoots with Communists. Chaplin was one of those people accused, and fled the country because of the immense pressure. Eventually, we welcomed him back…in 1972, to receive his lifetime achievement Oscar.

In this new radio presentation, Sweet listens to unfinished scores that Chaplin composed (he wrote every piece of music for his films), and reads the transcript of a very important letter regarding Charlie’s birthplace.

Here’s the link to the program. But be warned, it’s only up for four more days. Don’t fret though! Next week, another episode will be up, this time looking at Charlie’s paper archive. It’s a fascinating look for anyone even remotely interested in Chaplin, or early films of the 20th century for that matter. 

[Via BBC Radio 4]