Beastly: in the eye of the beholder?


The Beauty and the Beast remake, Beastly, comes out this week and it’s time to hash something out: is Alex Pettyfer’s Kyle Kingsbury/Adrian King (I assume he takes on the latter name when the Olsen twin makes him all ‘beastly’) really all that unattractive?

This debate first arose betwixt my girlfriend Dalin and I some months ago. She argued that no, he’s still hot, just edgier. Lots of girls would dig his sweet tats and apparent body modifications. I, argued that yes, he’s ‘beastly’ because he’s a shallow, superficial doucher and is being taught a lesson by being turned into a Hot Topic employee. Our argument ended in a stalemate, lest I miss out on smooches that evening.

Thanks to Penny Arcade, the topic is fresh on my mind and turn to you, dear reader, to help solve this debate once and for all.

Is the Beastly guy ugly: Yes or no? Leave your thoughts below and peep the trailer after the jump if you need refreshing.

[Via Penny Arcade]