Because everyone loved how dark Justice League was, WB is making Justice League Dark


Just two short years ago, Warner Bros. Pictures released Justice League. Then it made buttloads of money on Aquaman, a mediocre, if not adequate and boldly colorful film. Then it forgot it made Justice League, or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or Man of Steel. It forgot that the DCEU had already gone dark and that audiences weren’t convinced it was the best look. Audiences loved Wonder Woman which inspired Aquaman which in turn pushed Wonder Woman 1984 to wear the technicolor dreamcoat of DCEU trailers. What does one do when a still dark Justice League bombs? Why, create a Justice League Dark

J.J. Abrams’ production team Bad Robot is in early talks to deliver the film along with TV series. You read that right: all-time flying high director J.J. Abrams (The Rise of Skywalker) is getting his mitts on some DCEU. Also, not just a movie, but TV too. Also-ing that also, your eyes are not deceived, multiple television series

Which begs the question: what the fuck is Justice League Dark? Turns out you may already be familiar with some members of this misfit crew of more occult superheroes. Swamp Thing has been around for decades and recently got shitcanned after enjoyed a single season on DC Universe. John Constantine also got shitcanned after spent a magical solo season on WB years after Keanu Reeves did it better in a major motion picture, but still didn’t quite make a great movie. The rest of the team is made up of Deadman, a ghost who can possess the body of any living–oh who the fuck cares!

Release The Snyder Cut! Like a fucking kraken from the depths of Neptune’s furious seven fuckin’ seas, her tentatcled arms rip through the Warner vaults, crushing all obstacles before her righteous brooding darkness. Superman’s overdue mustache resumes its rightful place as heir to the throne that is Cavill’s upper lip. The flash is ripped in half by a kryptonite fueled Lex Luthor-come-Eiesenberg (shredded right out of his shirt like a Spartan general). Under a monochromatic sky Louis Lane rides her Kryptonian king in queenly bliss before nodding her silent consent to kick all critics of anything Synderesque down the deepeest, darkest of fucking wells.

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