Beetlejuice 2 will take place in the now, will bring back Keaton


Seth Grahame-Smith, the man who brought us Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, has confirmed that his script for the Beetlejuice sequel will take place in the present-day, will star Michael Keaton reprising his titular role, and won’t overuse the character.

Here’s a fairly telling snippet from the Hollywood Reporter:

Grahame-Smith says he is rejecting the idea of rebooting the movie with a new star in favor of bringing Michael Keaton back in a sequel set in the present day. He also took Keaton’s “less is more” advice with the character, noting that in the original, Beetlejuice doesn’t appear until almost the midpoint.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me. I’d love to see Beetlejuice exist in a world where kids are glued to their phones and the Internet is creating some of the spookiest horror icons in years. Would a guy in a pinstripe suit that can turn his arms into worms still be spooky? Will Beetlejuice even be relevant in the Five Nights at Freddy’s world?

With Keaton back, I’m all set. It’s called Beetlejuice, not Beetlejuice, Lydia, Her Parents, et al, As far as Beetlejuice 2 is concerned, all I have to say is this: “It’ssssssssss showtime!