Behind-the-scenes footage about The Hobbit and 3D


The recent video blog for The Hobbit is all about 3D and how it’s affecting the shoot. Since this is 3D we’re talking about, some of you may have rolled your eyes or tuned out, but like other vlogs for The Hobbit, it’s a fascinating look behind the scenes. It even includes a crash course in stereoscopic filmmaking.

Because they’re shooting in 3D at 48 frames per second, all elements of production are affected. Sets must be oversaturated to account for the darkening of the 3D glasses, costume fabrics and patterns need additional consideration, and the make-up crew needs to alter their approach to gussying up the actors. Even the production art by Alan Lee and John Howe is being done in 3D to help convey depth.

They’re filming The Hobbit with 48 RED Epic cameras in specially-made rigs. Each camera is named after a relative, a pet, or one of the Beatles. (Sadly, no cameras named Punch Rockgroin, Crud Bonemeal, Stump Beefgnaw, or Big McLargeHuge.) We’ve got the whole vlog after the jump.

[Via Collider]

And for any Tolkienites out there who want a great Hobbit fix, I point you to a relatively recent story in The Guardian about The Art of the Hobbit: a collection of sketches, ink drawings, and watercolors by J.R.R. Tolkien himself, some of which have never been published before. (Thanks to my brother for cluing me in to this.)

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