Behind the scenes shots from Prometheus raise questions


So this kinda ties in with some stuff we were just talking about on Prometheuscast, which, if my numbers are correct, a very large number of you have already downloaded and experienced. We were talking about some of the theories behind the Engineers, which I won’t go into for the sake of spoilers. On prosthetics supervisor Conor O’Sullivan’s Facebook page, O’Sullivan posted a huge gallery of the makeup and effects work in process for the Engineers, as well as a bit for one surprise character whose makeup’s been almost universally derided.

One of the Engineers doesn’t show up in the movie, and he makes me get a think on. Have a look at that below the cut. Obviously, spoilers are a probability.

[Via Conor O’Sullivan’s Facebook Gallery]

As you see, the Engineer in the foreground is the one from the beginning of the film, who sacrificed himself to seed Earth with life. The one behind him is labeled an “Elder Engineer.” With both of their more monkly robes, and the Elder’s robes seem to indicate him as some sort of leadership, priestly role. We spoke at length on how the Engineers may have two factions, a more “holy” side that goes around seeding life on Earth (who we see at the beginning) and the militaristic faction we see in the rest of the movie more interested in destroying the life the other faction creates.

Evidently, we’ll be seeing more of this character in the deleted scenes for Prometheus, so if you can’t get enough of Engineer culture and lore, look for that in the months ahead!