Behind-the-scenes Warcraft footage shows ILM making lifelike orcs


Here at Flixist, we’ve been both cautiously optimistic and also somewhat skeptical about the Warcraft movie. We like director Duncan Jones a whole lot, but we’re still left a little cold about the movie given the various character posters, TV spots, and trailers. The concern, at least for me, is that this winds up being Generic Fantasy Film: The Movie rather than a film with a bit more personality.

All of this comes down to the story, a good deal of which seems to center on the orcs. This new behind-the-scenes footage of Warcraft briefly covers some of the work ILM’s done to make the mo-cap CG orcs look extra-orcy. Give it a watch below.

Warcraft: The Beginning - ILM Visual Effects(Universal Pictures)

Haircraft? Adorable.

Though brief, this look at the CG is pretty interesting. We mentioned earlier there was debate about touch-up work on the CGI leading into release. I sense that debate may continue since the quality of the CG (as with every major special effects spectacle) varies from shot to shot.

I still stand by an assessment I made from a post on a Warcraft TV spot: “Something about Warcraft just looks synthetic and artificial–less like Lord of the Rings and more like The Hobbit.”

What do you think about the orcs in this video? How about the CG in Warcraft in general?

Warcraft comes out June 10th.

[via YouTube]
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