Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are working together on the next solo Batman film


I’m guessing that before Ben Affleck agreed to appear as Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice one of the stipulations was that he’d get to direct one of WB/DC’s next films. Either that or Warner Bros just offered the Oscar winning director a truckload of money. According to Deadline, Ben Affleck is set to star and direct the solo Batman film following the events of BvS. Awesomely, Geoff Johns (DC Comics’ chief creative officer who’s written for numerous comics and TV shows) is set to co-write the project with Affleck.

Also per Deadline, there’s no telling when the solo film will release but there’s a window on when work will start: 

My studio sources tell me that Affleck and Johns are well in synch and have more than found their rhythm. In fact, they are likely to turn in a script before the end of the summer, prior to Affleck going off to direct Live By Night in November. Affleck postponed that pic to star in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The Batman movie would shoot after he finishes Live By Night, and the plot would reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman V Superman andJustice League, the latter of which comes out November 17, 2017.

I know we don’t need more Batman movies, but if anyone knows how to write for Ben Affleck, it’s Ben Affleck. I’m hoping he’ll get to keep some of his directorial integrity since he’s done so well for Warner in the past with Argo

[via Deadline]