Ben Affleck may direct WB’s Justice League movie


Here’s a welcome surprise! Ben Affleck, who’s proven infinitely more talented as a director than he ever was as an actor (and f**k y’all, I love Ben Affleck as an actor), is now being approached by Warner Brothers to direct their perpetually in-development Justice League movie. Variety reports that he’s the only director thus far that’s been sent the most current draft of the film’s script, though that could just mean he’s the first of many. 

Affleck’s had a great deal of success as a director with Gone Baby Gone and The Town, and Argo‘s looking to be a great picture too. I do think he could do a pretty fantastic job with the material, even if he isn’t the nerd icon/scribe extraordinaire/prophet that is Joss Whedon. If anything else, at least this means there’s something going on with the Justice League movie. Here’s hoping things actually begin moving forward again!

[Via Variety]