Ben-Hur is Summer’s biggest flop with $120 million loss


Although we had some major tentpole releases last Summer, even making it the third best box office Summer ever, that didn’t mean every release succeeded. Among the Civil Wars and Batmans, was the poor Judah Ben-Hur. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Timur Bekmanbetov directed remake will make somewhere around $70-75 million globally. As per their sources, the film cost around $100 million to produce before marketing, so MGM is set to take a $120 million projected loss. 

They weren’t the only company hit with troubles, however. THR also did the math on a few more notable hits: 

  • Spielberg’s The BFG is expected to lose $90-100 million.
  • Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass has a loss of $65 million. 
  • Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (which changed its title for home video) lost around $70 million.

But despite all of these big losses, the winners last season more than made up for all of the trouble. Too bad for Judah Ben-Hur, as he didn’t have Mr. Burns to save him. 

[via THR]